Who (or what) is

KeenEyeMedia is the face of San Diego based web designer/developer Keenan Flogerzi. With 5+ years professional experience building and maintaining a diverse range of client projects, Keenan can confidently handle everything from basic to complex web design projects, including yours!

What if I only need maintenance on an existing site?

My goodness, you’re in luck! KeenEyeMedia offers a wide selection of maintenance and marketing packages to help keep your site in tip-top shape! Don’t like any of the packages? You can easily custom build your own with the “D-eye-Y Package Designer.” (under construction) Contact me to see the available packages!

“But I hardly know ya!”

Not to fret! Many others have great things to say about working with the K-man. For example:

“Keenan represents what customer service should be! He is always there to help! I trust him completely that he is ALWAYS doing what is in our best interest! I have worked with many web guys over the past 15 years.. Keenan is OUTSTANDING! He knows his stuff and will let you know if there is something he can’t answer! What a great guy!”
–Kellee Spillman, Reliable Realty

Say hello!

Drop a message in the form to the right, or pick up the telly and dial 619.407.9445