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Who (or what) is KeenEyeMedia?

KeenEyeMedia is the face of San Diego based website consultant/designer/developer Keenan Flogerzi. With 7+ years professional experience helping a wide range of clients realize their website needs, Keenan can confidently handle everything from basic to complex web design projects, including yours!

What if I only need maintenance or consulting on an existing site/project?

My goodness, you’re in luck! KeenEyeMedia offers a wide selection of consulting, maintenance, and marketing packages to help keep your site and business in tip-top shape! Don’t like any of the packages? You can easily custom build your own with the “D-eye-Y Package Designer.” (under construction) Contact me to see the available packages!

“But I hardly know ya!”

Not to fret! Many others have great things to say about working with the K-man. For example:

Before I hired Keenan, I asked another Wordpress programmer if they could redo my website and fix a major issue. They told me ‘it would take a ton of work, and cost a lot.’ I asked Keenan if he could fix my issue and he told me it would be ‘no problem and would cost less than $200’! He finished the work in rapid order and it came out great.
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